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Training – The Most Important Yet Ignored !!

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“Why ‘training’ is one of the most ignored, yet most vital parts of the modern system”   Employees are some of the most valuable resources that an organization can possess. We have all heard this adage multiple times, and from multiple sources. However, regardless of how good an employee was when he or she was first hired (No company knowingly hires bad employees after all), the fact remains that just like a diamond needs to be polished from time to…

Here’s What No One Tells You About HR Management Consulting.

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Management consulting is the broad term that encompasses all the activities connected with industrial direction. Accounting to That the escalating pressure on That the businesses to demarcate between the requirements of workforce and HR, off late the HR consulting is now the an independent discipline of the Direction consulting. Sometimes HR consulting is provided as the component of Direction consulting. HR consulting may be used to boost the functioning efficiency of the organization. It helps organizations to refine their human…